Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to Use Your Daily Leo Horoscope

Leo is the 5th sign in the zodiac and comes from the element of fire. Leos are known to be confident and positive. Just like their planet, the sun, many admire them, not because they are boastful, but because they have this innate radiance that shines bright. 

Leos are recognized for their warmth, cheerfulness, and optimism, which is why many like to be their friend. Just like their fire element, they give out this intense energy to burn out whatever fuel is available. They are compulsive, never hesitant, and are risk takers. They are not logical, instead they use their intuition to do what they think is right. They make decisions with heart and passion.

However, Leo has a few traits that need polishing. They can be conceited and self-centered.  Sometimes, they aren't aware of this, and do not understand why others scrutinize this aspect about them. Their confidence can be over powering up to the point that they would not welcome others' input and thoughts. In their mind, they do things well even without the help of others.

Leos have a lot to offer. To know more about yourself, understand how things are about your personality, and manage the traits you need to improve, you can read through your Leo Aquarius personality reading. A Leo Daily horoscope may help you find what you are searching for.

Leo Relationship Compatibility Reading

Leo is different when they are in a relationship. What you are is what you get from a Leo. They can be overpowering and arrogant. When in a relationship, they prefer to be the one followed instead of being dominated. Your Leo relationship compatibility reading can give you a wider glimpse of your different zodiac matches. The best zodiac matches for a Leo are Aries, Libra, and Sagittarius. The zodiacs that needs to adjustment are Taurus, and Scorpio.

Leo and Aries have a union bonded in fierceness and competition. Both have strong personalities, centered in each other's ego. They may have these little issues, but in general, they work well together. Leo is attracted to Aries charm and wit, while Aries is attracted to Leo's energy. If each can learn how to give and compromise, then this relationship is sure to be a celestial union.

Leo and Libra come from a union with various similarities, making it a perfect match. Both signs can be outgoing, direct, and free-spirited. As a couple, Leo and Libra are passionately intense and well grounded. They sustain a balance of their emotions, impulses, and actions.

Leo and Sagittarius have a dynamic teamwork. Both signs are outgoing and are fun to be around. There is not dull moment when these two signs collide. They respect and complement each other well. Leo admires Sagittarius' passion for new things, learning, and adventure, while Sagittarius loves Leo's brilliance and confidence.

Leo and Taurus may not complement each other well. Taurus can be too reserved and shy for an overpowering and confident Leo. If they are to choose a relationship, they want someone as dynamic and sociable as they are. Leo, on the other hand, can be too demanding and controlling for an independent Taurus.

Leo and Scorpio come from an emotionally unbounded love relationship. Both signs can be self-centerd and can demand a lot from each other, especially attention and time. Both can be very possessive and jealous. If both do not learn how to compromise, then this relationship may not have any chance at all.

How to Customize Your Daily Leo Horoscope

If our purpose here on earth is to live as we please, then there wouldn't be any meaning to our existence. Our purpose is to follow the path of our own destiny. Though, we are the master of our own ship, we need something to sail the ship towards the direction we want to undertake. This is where the universe comes into the picture. It is the steering wheel to the fate we are designed to follow, and the universe is in constant communication with us.

We also can communicate with the universe, and we do not have to exert too much effort and time into it. By simply customizing your daily Leo horoscope you can gain wisdom about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and help the universe direct to the path of your destiny. To do this, cut and paste the portion of your reading that you want to edit into any Word document. See example below for an example of your customized version inside the quotation.

This could be a very tiring period for you, affecting your emotions "and your physical well-being." As much as possible, try to surround yourself with positivity, "and try encouraging and uplifting people." More so, avoid the company of negative individuals, "those who can drain your energy, especially at work." Make sure you take care of your general health, "using regular exercise and a healthy diet."

Using this simple exercise, a Leo can give more self-actualization to give importance to the things they might normally neglect. Customizing your daily Leo horoscope can give you enough energy to ask the universe for guidance and light.

Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

Monday, January 14, 2013

Tips For Being In A Relationship With A Leo

Leo is governed by the Sun and is symbolized by the raging lion. Like the sun, Leo has a bright and wild personality. They are independent and can be successful on their own, but their personality requires them to be with an audience or with someone who would adore them and worship them forever. This is what Leo's relationship is mostly based on, a love that is centered on them.

They like showing off, being passionate and adventurous in love. They build their relationships on trust and understanding, mostly because they are social butterflies. They don't like someone who is too possessive and controlling. They want their freedom, especially with their social lives.

Leos are happy people and always seek something fun and adventurous to do. They don't like routines. Don't get them wrong, though, they can be loyal too, as long as their partner knows how to handle them. They like to be always happy and will shy away from people who hold grudges, are moody, and are temperamental. They are happy-go-lucky both in life and in love.

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Positive Traits of the Leo Lover

Leos are encouraging partners. They will see to it that the people that surround them are always motivated and happy. If their lover is down, they will do everything to help them out. They are ambitious. Often, they will include their partners in their dream. They are determined and, most of the time, they tend get what they want. However, they have a weak spot when it comes to their fear of rejection. They always want to be appreciated, and once they don't get the same level of attention, they can be unforgiving.

Leos are very generous. They are the type of person that loves reciprocating the love that is given to them. Though they may not be overly emotional and sensual, they repay their lovers by showering them with extravagant gifts. They are also generous with their time. It's their simple way of telling someone they are very important.

Lastly, Leos are loyal and faithful lovers. They would not even dare look at someone if they are committed to a person they love. Dishonesty for them is a big no no.

Negative Traits of the Leo Lover

Leos are full of pride and always too proud of themselves. They want everything to be focused on them. Sometimes, they can be too domineering to the extent that their partner feels suffocated. And if you bend their will, they can be stubborn. Leos have a different way of hiding their feelings. They can pretend long enough to hide their anger and rage. Nonetheless, they don't like holding any grudges. In fact, they don't even like having an argument, whether it be about a petty or big thing.

Leos like to guard their private image. They want their partners to understand this and do the same to uphold their status. Most of the time, they will long for a vain lover as well. They love investing in themselves and would spend more hours fixing and grooming themselves than being with their partners. They always love having pride and the feeling of being liked and loved by everyone.

How To Attract A Leo

It is fairly easy to attract a Leo. All you have to do is to praise and admire them. They want someone to be responsive with their insights and someone who can fill them in and motivate them more to explore their thoughts.

They love funny people and those who know how to go along with their lead. They don't like doing boring things, so it is important that you woo them with new stuff every day. Because of their extravagant and vain nature, they want someone who can attract them with extravagant things. They like to have a good time, so bring them to nice and romantic dinners, adventurous rides, outdoor trips, and social gatherings.

Don'ts With A Leo

Leos don't like someone who hurts their egos. They want someone who is submissive to their every decision and idea. If you do want to correct them, do it in the nicest of ways. If you become aggressive and controlling, they can leave you in an instant. Remember, never be apathetic with their feelings and even with their things. Leos are very vain. They don't want anyone messing around with anything they find very important.  To them, it is very disrespectful.

As a general rule, Leos like to be around happy people. If you need help, they will come to you, but never involve them with your miseries and worries. Don't burden them something that they don't want to be burdened with. They prefer people who are strong and knows how to handle their problems and emotions well.

What Leo Needs From Their Relationship

A Leo needs a relationship that is somewhat centered upon them. Don't get them wrong, they aren't as selfish and arrogant as you think. They only want to be appreciated and loved, so they want to be the best person that they can be in his or her life. They want their partners to adore them lavishly. This is just one of their small ways of seeing their self-worth.

Leos are generous lovers, and so they want a relationship of mutual understanding and selflessness. They are social people and when they find something pitiful, they will do everything to help that person out. Leos need a relationship full of inspiration and motivation. They always have a lot on their mind, and they want someone who can motivate them to widen their ideas. They want a relationship bound to support them all the way, through whatever they want to do in life, even if it is the pettiest of things.

Of course, Leos like having fun relationships. They will last long with a person who knows how to make them laugh, knows how to entertain them, or knows how to drive their madness until they are fully satisfied.

Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor